by Napoma Wines

We have been making our Napoma and Monte Smith wines for over ten years. From the best Pinot Noir and Chardonnay vineyards from the Russian River and Cabernet Sauvignon, Barbera, and Sangiovese from the North Coast of California.


The Tuscan

Packed with bright aromas and luscious flavors.


Pinot Noir

Bright cherry fruit and hints of plum



Fruit forward and vibrant


Pinot Gris

Sweet floral aromas of honeysuckle

Fine Wines From California


In a time when quality, hand-crafted, and family wines have become nothing more than spin and catch phrases used by the marketing and sales departments of giant wine companies, we continue to strive to produce unique and excellent wines of value from family owned vineyards that are truly handcrafted and made by owner/winemakers.


Good wines starts at the vine. We work with our vineyard managers closely throughout the grape growing season.

Less is More

The best wines let the natural characteristics of the varietal shine.


Careful selection of the best aging regiment for each wine.

Care and Passion

From sunrise in the vineyard to sunset at the winery after a long day, these wines show the care and passion we have for our craft. Small lots are harvested from the best vineyard blocks of our growers then sorted and fermented, gently settled and aged in the finest tight grain French oak barrels.

See and Taste

In our world of homogeneous products, brand marketing, and spin dribble, we encourage you to seek and find the real story behind the wines you love: the vineyards, the wineries, the places, and the people. Visit Papagni Winery, where Demetrio Papagni carries on the legacy of his father, Angelo. Visit Vine Cliff Winery and Estate Vineyard, where Nell Sweeney still presides over her decades old wine estate. See and taste this beautiful wine country and we know it will bring you joy.



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